Affiliate FAQ

Join our affiliate program and earn commission on each successful sale you refer or new customer signup. Apply today and start earning!

Rank with new achievements!

How much percentage does the affiliate have?
Basic 30%
Premium 40%
Expert 50%

Hold Allow Own Referrence

Affiliates will be able to earn a commission on their own purchases via their own referral links.

Bonus on Ranks

The affiliates will receive a bonus flat amount each time they receive a specific rank.

Friendly Affiliate Links

The affiliates will be able to use friendly links instead of the default ones. They have a better looking structure and are easier to read.

Custom Affiliate Slug

The affiliates to personalize their slug, this could be useful if they wish to hide their identity or company name behind a custom slug.


The users can deposit their unpaid referrals in their wallet. They can select a service and an amount to deposit, then they will receive a coupon for that service for that amount, which they can use to purchase items etc.

Product Links and Creatives

Affiliates can easily search for products and analyze them for generating custom affiliate links and banners.