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Binance set to list mid, low cap coins: Three tokens worth watching

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Binance’s listing of mid-cap and low-cap coins sparks excitement for altcoins like Kaspa, Helium, and Rollblock due to their strong potential.

As Binance prepares to list mid-cap and low-cap coins on its platform, the whole cryptocurrency market is in a frenzy, with investors highly bullish on most altcoins. With their amazing features, unique technology, and potential to soar, these three tokens, including Kaspa (KAS), Helium (HNT), alongside new market entrant, Rollblock (RBLK) are gaining investor attention.

Rollblock demonstrates potential with presale

Rollblock’s (RBLK) debut in the presale market marks a notable shift for online gaming. Having rapidly progressed to the third presale stage merely one month into its ICO journey, Rollblock has caught the attention of traders in the crypto market. Moreso, its unique technology and pioneering role in the newly-carved GambleFi market has distinguished it among other emerging cryptocurrencies.

Notably, Rollblock utilizes blockchain technology at the core of its operation. As such it is able to introduce decentralized finance into the gambling world. Unlike traditional casinos which struggle with accountability, transparency, and slow transactions, Rollblock intends to change the narrative, enabling crypto transactions while allowing users to transact seamlessly and in record time. 

Aside from this, Rollblock also ensures that users have secured access to their digital assets, further encouraging trust between the users and its platform. Users’ convenience is prioritized as they require no KYC or additional downloads to access the platform. This has further resulted in increased engagement on the live casino even while the token presale is still ongoing.

Currently in its third presale stage, Rollblock’s price has already surged by 40%, rising from its initial price of $0.01 to a current price of $0.014. While early buyers are already in profit, the recent price surge further highlights Rollblock’s commitment to empowering its users financially. As a result, analysts are predicting further rise for RBLK tokens, especially with a top-tier exchange listing on the horizon. 

Kaspa Price movement displays positive trajectory

Kaspa (KAS) has surpassed expectations since its launch in the altcoin market. In the last year, the KAS token has risen to unprecedented heights, recording a surge of over 860%. Also, the token saw a monthly rise of over 42% despite the advent of the bear run. This attracted a lot of interest from traders and crypto enthusiasts in the market, with many trooping to its network. 

Recently, Kaspa witnessed a surge in its trading volume, highlighting the massive adoption of the KAS. It also boasts a market cap of over $3.5b, demonstrating its dominance in the crypto market. With the Binance listing set to feature mid/low tokens, Kaspa might yet see a rise in its value, making it one of the top cryptocurrencies to buy.

Helium token might yet witness a recovery

After recording a yearly increase of nearly 180%, Helium (HNT) has witnessed a massive influx of traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts into its network. However, following the recent market downturn, the HNT price has failed to consolidate, with a 25% drop in the last month. 

While it currently trades within a weekly price range of $4.14 and $4.09, HNT price trajectory reflects a noticeable decline from May’s peak of $10.05. This has sparked conversations in the altcoin market with many worried about the token’s feature. 

Although Helium price is currently displaying bearish trends, analysts have remained positive, with many expecting the HNT token to witness a recovery. Aside from this, the recent Binance listing announcement has sparked optimism among analysts and market experts with some projecting Helium to recover in due time. 


With Rollblock’s pioneering role and amazing features, it has been projected to continue on its current trajectory even beyond the presale period. As such, analysts expect the price of RBLK to further surge in the coming weeks. Aside from this, the incoming listing later in the Q3 of this year is presumed to further boost its presence in the altcoin market, thus positioning it among leading crypto coins to buy. 

To learn more about Rollblock, visit the official website and the socials.

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