Top cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, ETH, PEPE

Pepe, Minu, and Bonk see gains as memecoin slump ends

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Sealana aims for high returns with meme-based hype, backed by $4M presale and viral social media antics.

The memecoin capitulation has ended as Pepe, Minu, and Bonk all post gains today. Meanwhile, the wider memecoin sector has also rallied, with its total market cap up 3.8%.

Memecoin road to recovery begins

Following weeks of bearish momentum, the crypto market is finding its footing, but memecoins are displaying relative strength. It seems investors are hungry for another meme season. The sector’s collective market cap is up 3.8%, well outpacing the wider crypto market’s 0.5% increase.

Pepe stands as a top performer among large-cap projects. Currently trading at $0.0000115, its price is up 7.2% today, meaning it has recovered almost 50% of the losses it collected this week. The project currently holds a $4.8 billion market cap and a $989 million 24-hour trading volume, down 7% today.

Memecoin traders are stoked about its recent strength, with ZaZa suggesting that the next bullish wave is near. ZaZa alludes that an explosive uptick is just days away and will follow a trendline resistance breakout.

Minu is another cryptocurrency to notch considerable returns. It is currently trading at $0.000000437, up 14% today and 17% this week. However, its monthly gains are even more impressive, up 179%. The project holds a $2.5 million market cap and a $4.1 million 24-hour trading volume, up 402% today.

Its recent growth has earned it the third-highest place on CoinMarketCap’s trending list, behind zkSync and SolarX. Analyst Alter Ego noted that Minu recently created an ATH and speculates that the token will soon hit a $10 million market cap. This provides room for approximately 4x gains from its current price.

Meanwhile, Bonk has begun to recover today. It is currently priced at $0.00002174, up 1.5%. However, it remains down 23% this week and 13% this month, signaling an underperformance compared to Pepe and Minu.

Yet analysts remain optimistic. TraderKoz suggests that its chart now looks “bottomed out,” which could mean an uptrend continuation is on the horizon.

As memecoin prices begin to recover, the presale domain is also gaining momentum. One of the projects with the biggest buzz is Sealana. The project has raised over $4 million and its ICO will end in just six days.

Sealana presale raises $4m – could this be the next 100x memecoin?

Solana-based memecoins have provided some of crypto’s most lucrative returns this year, and now Sealana is looking to make a splash. Per its website, Sealana is based on an overweight seal who trades memecoins from his mom’s basement, hoping to make huge gains and buy a Lambo.

The project has already raised over $4 million, reflecting the community’s interest. Yet this is no surprise, with hilarious social media antics distinguishing it from other meme coins. Sealana follows the purist approach of projects like Pepe and Dogecoin, relying on memetic power to drive hype and interest.

However, Sealana goes beyond these projects with its hilarious meme game, which is more aligned with the controversial demeanor that the Solana community is known for. The project is inspired by South Park’s “World of Warcraft guy,” which definitely plays into its social media shenanigans.

For instance, one of its most recent tweets depicts Sealana’s mascot running over “sleepy Joe” in a 4×4 truck.

Other tweets nod to the MAGA movement, which has worked wonders since PolitiFi tokens have taken center stage recently.

Sealana’s fixed presale price is available for only six more days, prompting interested buyers to consider making a decision soon.
For more information, visit the Sealana presale website.

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